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Recycling journey


Plastics recycling charity - RECOUP - supported by Clean Tech (a Plastipak company) and Peterborough City Council, will be collecting clear plastic (PET) drinks bottles at the Perkins Great
Eastern Run.

The bottles will be sent for reprocessing by Plastipak who have a base in Wrexham. They are recycled into new drinks bottles and could be back on supermarket shelves within five weeks of collection.

Recycling bins are at each water station on the course and at the start and finish points. RECOUP will also sweep up bottles left on the course by runners. All clear plastic drinks bottles will be collected, not just the water bottles handed out to runners.

RECOUP would welcome visitors and supporters at the race to also deposit any empty drinks containers in the dedicated plastic bottle recycling bins.

RECOUP will be holding a Pledge2Recycle Plastics roadshow at the Embankment, which will be manned by recycling experts ready to answer any questions that visitors may have about plastic recycling.

The roadshow will also include information and examples about products that can be made from recycled plastic.