Yes I am still here... just that life has had me rushing about all over the place.

With only two weeks to go to race day I think I may just about be ready, despite a number of interestng incidents.

Frequently on my runs I seem to run into unsual things and people. So I suppose I wasn't too surprised when a few weeks ago on my long run I took part in an incident involving three fire engines looking for a horse in the water when out on my riverside route.

They missed the poor animal on their first trip along the embankment and so did I, but on my return trip I spotted a rower who was unsually stationary on the water. Turned out he was marking the spot where the horse was scrunched up to the bank behind some tall reeds and bushes. No wonder we missed it. I stayed until the fire engines returned along with the rower which broke my 10 miles up a bit that day. There's currently only one horse in the spot now, so I don't know if it survived or has been moved to recouperate. Anyone who has news on it, I'd love to hear from them.

Since then I managed to pick up a really nasty cold which kept me away from my schedule for two weeks!! I've had to build up again and managed my final long run of 14 miles yesterday at a sedate pace, but still with a cough. I hope the cough will clear completely before race day. Fingers crossed!

I hope you are all doing well with your training and have completed your last long run too. I'll be tapering and doing some speedwork, intervals and possibly some hills next weekend.

To mark what seems to be my uncanny knack for running and never know what's going to happen next, I have a special race number - 999.

Look our for me on race day....

Jenny with her Perkins Great Eastern Run 2013 race number

Me with my race number