Last week my swimming partner was unwell, so I juggled my running days around a little, doing some mile repeats on Monday and a wonderfully refreshing threshold run in the drizzle fairly early on Thursday. It wasn't raining hard, but I went out without a coat and the rain acted as my cooling system. I managed a better pace because of it. The warm weather has seen me struggle to put in some of the runs I should have done and when I've managed to get out, my pace has suffered. I'm just hoping that eventually I will see some benefit from it.

Last Sunday I returned to my training schedule but having taken a bit of a break due to the other commitments mentioned in previous posts, I revisited 10 mile, well more or less. It actually ended up as 10.5 miles. This time I was up even earlier, out of bed at 5am and out on my long run by 6.20am.

It was so peaceful, not many people around, a little overcast still at the beginning, clearing later. I really did start to enjoy myself, relaxing into it. Things began to change just before the half way mark, I started to develop a problem with my left calf muscle, causing a few stops and starts to change pace and to stretch. I put this down to my need for new shoes, so decided that before I increased mileage anymore I needed a visit to Advance Performance for a gait analysis and shoes.

This week I went into the Peterborough store, received great service as usual. Ryan took me through several pairs which I tried on the treadmill and eventually narrowed suitable shoes for me down to two pairs, which I then tested outside. I'm now the proud owner of some beetroot purple/silver/lime Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 shoes (pictured below). They are a bit 'in ya face' colourwise, but what the heck! They've already been spotted in the aisles at Sainsbury's as I've been breaking them in gently with some walking.

mizuno wave inspire 9

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9


This post isn't just about shoes though and here comes one of my 'silly' stories. My run wasn't entirely uneventful, besides the calf muscle playing up I had yet another strange encounter!

Heading along the foot/cyclepath just before I reached the Embankment, at a point where it runs behind some houses whose gardens have doors opening onto the path., zoned out and in a shady spot I was surprised when 3 men emerged from one back garden. Two of them with one very long pole the other with a shorter pole which they began to carry along the path. Approaching them I slowed up a little and announced my presence and then passed.

Visions of old silent movies sprang to mind - me being smacked around the head with one of these poles if I startled them into turning suddenly!!

Having negotiated that obstacle, a little further on I caught up with 2 more guys and an even longer pole as we all were approaching the end of the path. I called out and sped by once I knew they were aware of me. I was almost tempted to see where they were going with these poles and ask what there were. If they were curtain poles they were extremely long. Bearing in mind this was before 7am, I thought better of it and kept to my route.

I'd love to know if anyone else comes across stuff like this when they're out running, or if it's just me and perhaps my choice of routes.

Maybe next week will be completely uneventful, I can break in my new shoes on less mileage without strange interuptions, who knows? Watch this space!