An update on that early start for my 10 mile training run. Yes I actually got out of bed at 5.15am!! Set out around 7.30am and managed my 10 miles before it got too hot. So I am pleased with that as last week and this week are really busy with events that will mean I can't put in the mileage. So the training schedule goes on hold for a while.

Last week after the 10 miles, I managed just one run on Thursday which took me 3.5 miles from my door to The Embankment where I stopped off to have a chat with the guys setting up for The Willow Festival. Then a 3 mile tempo run home.

I spent the weekend helping out at The Willow Festival as a volunteer. Before the event returned last year, I was involved in the organisation for a while, but have had less time to be involved due to work commitments, so I spent the weekend answering questions, putting up signs, moving bins and messing with posters as well a listening to so great bands on a very hot Embankment. It looked like a record turnout, but will need to wait for official figures on that one. No run for me, as I was on my feet for the duration of the fest.

Whilst wandering about in my high-vis vest I bumped into the Perkins Great Eastern Run mascot, Dinomite. We had a quick cuddle and a dance, which was some fancy footwork (for a dinosaur) in 28C heat!! Me and Dinomite are pictured below.

This week I'm hoping to get another early start in, but have a bbq and party, so it remains to be seen whether I get out for a long run on Sunday. But I will be back to the schedule the following week, repeating my 10 miles before moving forward.

Hope all you half marathoners are now in training and keeping well hydrated in this warm weather.

Dinomite and Jenny dancing at The Willow Festival

Dinomite and Jenny dancing at The Willow Festival