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The 2019 half marathon was cancelled due to a man acting suspiciously on one part of the route. Please email for refund details. You can view Anna's Hope Fun Run results and photos on this page.

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Last week my swimming partner was unwell, so I juggled my running days around a little, doing some mile repeats on Monday and a wonderfully refreshing threshold run in the drizzle fairly early on Thursday. It wasn't raining hard, but I went out without a coat and the rain acted as my cooling system. I managed a better pace because of it. The warm weather has seen me struggle to put in some of the runs I should have done and when I've managed to get out, my pace has suffered. I'm just hoping that eventually I will see some benefit from it.

Last Sunday I returned to my training schedule but having taken a bit of a break due to the other commitments mentioned in previous posts, I revisited 10 mile, well more or less. It actually ended up as 10.5 miles. This time I was up even earlier, out of bed at 5am and out on my long run by 6.20am.

It was so peaceful, not many people around, a little overcast still at the beginning, clearing later. I really did start to enjoy myself, relaxing into it. Things began to change just before the half way mark, I started to develop a problem with my left calf muscle, causing a few stops and starts to change pace and to stretch. I put this down to my need for new shoes, so decided that before I increased mileage anymore I needed a visit to Advance Performance for a gait analysis and shoes.

This week I went into the Peterborough store, received great service as usual. Ryan took me through several pairs which I tried on the treadmill and eventually narrowed suitable shoes for me down to two pairs, which I then tested outside. I'm now the proud owner of some beetroot purple/silver/lime Mizuno Wave Inspire 9 shoes (pictured below). They are a bit 'in ya face' colourwise, but what the heck! They've already been spotted in the aisles at Sainsbury's as I've been breaking them in gently with some walking.

mizuno wave inspire 9

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9


This post isn't just about shoes though and here comes one of my 'silly' stories. My run wasn't entirely uneventful, besides the calf muscle playing up I had yet another strange encounter!

Heading along the foot/cyclepath just before I reached the Embankment, at a point where it runs behind some houses whose gardens have doors opening onto the path., zoned out and in a shady spot I was surprised when 3 men emerged from one back garden. Two of them with one very long pole the other with a shorter pole which they began to carry along the path. Approaching them I slowed up a little and announced my presence and then passed.

Visions of old silent movies sprang to mind - me being smacked around the head with one of these poles if I startled them into turning suddenly!!

Having negotiated that obstacle, a little further on I caught up with 2 more guys and an even longer pole as we all were approaching the end of the path. I called out and sped by once I knew they were aware of me. I was almost tempted to see where they were going with these poles and ask what there were. If they were curtain poles they were extremely long. Bearing in mind this was before 7am, I thought better of it and kept to my route.

I'd love to know if anyone else comes across stuff like this when they're out running, or if it's just me and perhaps my choice of routes.

Maybe next week will be completely uneventful, I can break in my new shoes on less mileage without strange interuptions, who knows? Watch this space!


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An update on that early start for my 10 mile training run. Yes I actually got out of bed at 5.15am!! Set out around 7.30am and managed my 10 miles before it got too hot. So I am pleased with that as last week and this week are really busy with events that will mean I can't put in the mileage. So the training schedule goes on hold for a while.

Last week after the 10 miles, I managed just one run on Thursday which took me 3.5 miles from my door to The Embankment where I stopped off to have a chat with the guys setting up for The Willow Festival. Then a 3 mile tempo run home.

I spent the weekend helping out at The Willow Festival as a volunteer. Before the event returned last year, I was involved in the organisation for a while, but have had less time to be involved due to work commitments, so I spent the weekend answering questions, putting up signs, moving bins and messing with posters as well a listening to so great bands on a very hot Embankment. It looked like a record turnout, but will need to wait for official figures on that one. No run for me, as I was on my feet for the duration of the fest.

Whilst wandering about in my high-vis vest I bumped into the Perkins Great Eastern Run mascot, Dinomite. We had a quick cuddle and a dance, which was some fancy footwork (for a dinosaur) in 28C heat!! Me and Dinomite are pictured below.

This week I'm hoping to get another early start in, but have a bbq and party, so it remains to be seen whether I get out for a long run on Sunday. But I will be back to the schedule the following week, repeating my 10 miles before moving forward.

Hope all you half marathoners are now in training and keeping well hydrated in this warm weather.

Dinomite and Jenny dancing at The Willow Festival

Dinomite and Jenny dancing at The Willow Festival

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I've not been doing badly, even the last couple of weeks it's been a bit warm for my long run on a Sunday, but I've managed reasonably well for me. I really don't handle the heat very well.

Last Sunday I covered 9 miles before it got too warm, with the help of a breeze and a few clouds to keep it cooler.

This week I've managed 4.8 miles which consisted of a 1 mile warm up and then intervals on Tuesday and 5 miles tempo run on Thursday. I feel I'm starting to get a bit more fitness back now.

The weekend is looming with that dreaded 10 miles, which really shouldn't be a problem but for the weather forecast!! Summer is actually here!!!

I know I will be testing the temperature and looking at the forecast until Saturday evening, at which point I have to decide whether to set my alarm for 5am, so that I can get out and run before the sun gets hot.

I could have an easy week, but was planning to save some shorter runs for the coming two weeks as I will be volunteering at The Willow Festival next week, at a friend's BBQ the following week and I really don't want to fall too far behind with the training schedule.

You may be saying 'she's already way ahead if she's on 10 miles', but having done this before I've hit problems, or had other things that have knocked holes in my training plans, so I like to keep ahead of the schedule, just in case. Typical of me, I like to have Plan A sorted and Plan B as backup, all ready to go.

I've still not managed to get hubby out to get any shots of me on the run, so you have to make do with my old ones.

Watch this space.... I'll be back to tell you if I saw silly o'clock on Sunday.

Finish of the PGER 2008 Fun Run

Pictured is me, still on the way with my lifestyle change and weight loss at the finish of the 2008 PGER 4K Fun Run.
I think I was around a size 16 at the time and finished the 4K in around 38 mins, my second race. I completed the Race for Life earlier the same year.

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Despite the windy conditions, I managed to get out and do my scheduled 8 mile long run on Sunday in something like 1 minute per mile faster than last week. I know it's the temperature, I really do struggle in warm weather.

Even though I ended up speed walking the really open section of my route that was head wind, I was still faster. So I arrived home happy and hungry, ready for second breakfast (no I am not a Hobbit, I just seem to have developed Hobbit habits).

I am starting to wonder about my running routes though. They are familiar to me and I've used them for several years now,  but odd things keep happening.

Just as I was coming to the end of my 8 miles, I could see a man walking ahead of me and something that looked like a large bag from a distance on the floor. The man in front turned off the path beside this object and disappeared from view. I finished my run and kept walking toward home and as I got closer it became apparent the object on the floor was a man and beside him two small dogs he'd been out walking!

What stunned me was the man in front of me had just about stepped over this guy and kept walking!!

Call me what you like, but I couldn't just walk by and leave him there. So I stopped and asked if he was OK, got him talking and he got up and sat on a nearby fence. When it seemed he was alright and had no obvious signs of damage or injury, I went on my way.

Now I'm starting to wonder what my next run will bring and will I be disappointed if it turns out to be just a run?

My 'sprint' finish PGER 2010

My 'sprint' finish PGER 2010


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I may not have posted my blog but I did run last week, I started my PGER training schedule.

Sunday 9th June I was supposed to start with a 10K at half marathon pace!!

Well I did the 10K, but it certainly wasn't at half marathon pace, which just proves to me that it's good I started now, because I need more speed work. I've been too long away from regular runs and need to build my fitness levels again. But it did prompt me to look back through my training diary to see what I was doing last year and I was surprised to find that I wasn't much faster and on a couple of runs, quite a bit slower.

So I went into last week, feeling a little better about it all. My Tuesday session was distrupted by a meeting in town, which I had to walk to after dropping off my car for repair and MOT, so the intervals shrunk from 3.5 miles to only 2.5 miles which I did on Wednesday. A 1 mile warm up followed by 100m intervals/recoveries.

I then proceeded to do a 5 mile run, 1 mile warm up, 3 mile tempo, 1 mile jog, then a 10 minute walk home. My legs really do not like a long walk and two runs on three successive days.

My Friday morning swim which is usually great for stretching me out and unravelling me a bit was cancelled, so I went into 7 miles on Sunday 16th June feeling like I needed a steam roller to get rid of all the kinks. It took me a good 2 miles for everything to settle down.

Then, believe it or not, the sun came out!! Just in time for the completely unshaded part of my run alongside the river and I don't do well in the heat. I did complete the 7 miles, but at something like 30 secs per miles slower than expected. I shouldn't be complaining, but the sun disappeared again in the afternoon and it was cooler again.

I'm hoping this week goes more smoothly.

The photo below is me on a training run for the PGER in 2011. So far I've not managed to persuade hubby to bring his camera along on a run to get some more recent images. Mind you the routes are very similar. Any ideas where this one is? If you spot me, say hello!!


Training run 2011

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