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The 2019 half marathon was cancelled due to a man acting suspiciously on one part of the route. Please email for refund details. You can view Anna's Hope Fun Run results and photos on this page.

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Prepare for Perkins Great Eastern Run with local races

You've got your running gear, started training, taken nutrition advice and started to pound the pavements.

As the weeks and months go by you'll get fitter, faster and want to beat your previous time. You'll also start to add distance to your runs and before long you'll be ready to test yourself in 'race trim'.

This means entering a race and learning from the experience. Everything about competing in a 5 or 10k for example, will provide you with invaluable knowledge in terms of pre-race preparation, the race itself and your post-race evaluation.

Just by taking part in a competitive run you'll better understand preparation, from what to have for breakfast to getting your mindset ready minutes before the race. Even running the race itself is an experience you'll benefit from, as it'll be the first time your adrenalin is pumped up and probably the first time you've ran with hundreds of people.

Entering local races can provide an ideal opportunity to compete in regular races as you ramp up your training for the Perkins Great Eastern Run.

Advance Performance sponsor a number of different races in the local area, from triathlon to orienteering each year. Included are a number of road races of varying distance, ranging from 5k to 15 miles, some of which are ideal for giving you some race day practice.

Each race is organised by a local club and every race is open to club members and non-members alike, encouraging everyone to run regardless of their age or ability. For more information and links to the local races visit the Race Diary page on the Advance Performance website.

With stores in Peterborough and Cambridge, Advance Performance is known for its video gait analysis, which ensures you are exercising in the most suitable shoe for your own unique running style, minimising your risk of injury.