PGER-2019                                              PETERBOROUGH 


The 2019 half marathon was cancelled due to a man acting suspiciously on one part of the route. Please email for refund details. You can view Anna's Hope Fun Run results and photos on this page.

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2015 Prize Winners

Overall Winners - Men

Overall Winners - Women

1st:  Philip Koech

1st:  Lenah Jerotich

2nd: Ben Siwa

2nd: Jane Murage

3rd: Declerk Onyambu

3rd: Hayley Munn

UK Winners - Men

UK Winners - Women

1st:  Alastair Watson

1st:  Hayley Munn

2nd: Matt Blunden

2nd: Sophie Cowper

3rd: Howard Bristow

3rd: Emily Ault

Veteran Competitors - Men and Women Categories

VET 40-44  -  Men

VET 40-44  -  Women

1st:  Howard Bristow

1st:  Nicola Bowerman 

2nd: David Connell

2nd: Lara Kristiansen

3rd: Paul Cheetham

3rd: Anna Blackwell

VET 45-49  - Men

VET 45-59  -  Women

1st:  Sean Barkes

1st:  Philippa Taylor

2nd: Greg Southern

2nd: Geraldine Larham

3rd: David Benton

3rd: Sarah Davis-Foxon

VET 50-54  -  Men

VET 50-54  -  Women

1st:  Antonio Maraia

1st:  Maire Irlam

2nd: Jim Morris

2nd: Penny Andrews

3rd: David Annetts

3rd: Bev Gibbs

VET 55-59  -  Men

VET 55-59  -  Women

1st:  Terry Back

1st:  Linda Lockwood

2nd: John Moore

2nd: Francesca Lasman

3rd: Shane Hunt

3rd: Pauline Stocker

VET 60-64  -  Men

VET 60-64  -  Woman

1st:  Colin Robilliard

1st:  Anne Ellen

2nd: Maurice Hemingway

2nd: Annette Newton

3rd: Eamonn Dorling

3rd: Anne Henson

VET 65-69  -  Men

VET 65-69  -  Woman

1st: David Pettifer

1st:  Julie Braker

2nd: Brian Kearsey

2nd: Maureen Wright

3rd: Peter Harris

3rd: Barbara Hurley

VET 70  -  Men

VET 70  -  Women

1st: Colin Chambers

1st: Lavinia Seward


Teams - Men

Teams - Women

1st Team   Brighton & Hove AC

1st Team   Northampton Road Runners

2nd Team  Lincoln Wellington AC

2nd Team  Stamford Striders

3rd Team  Yaxley Runners

3rd Team  Stowmarket Striders

Peterborough Residents Winners (Anyone who pays council tax to Peterborough City Council)

1st Male: Anthony Johnson

1st Female: Philippa Taylor


Wheelchair Race Winners

1st Male: Matthew Clarke

1st Female: Lizzie Bennett