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The 2019 half marathon was cancelled due to a man acting suspiciously on one part of the route. Please email for refund details. You can view Anna's Hope Fun Run results and photos on this page.

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2014 Prize Winners

Overall Winners - Men

Overall Winners - Women

1st:  Jonah Chesum 1st:  Perendis Lekapana
2nd: Loitarakwai Lengurisi 2nd: Gladys Kwanbai
3rd: Ben Siwa 3rd: Georgie Bruinvels
UK Winners - Men

UK Winners - Women

1st:  Ben Livesey 1st:  Georgie Bruinvels
2nd: Alastair Watson 2nd: Bryony Proctor
3rd: David Wardle 3rd: Carla Brown
Veteran Competitors - Men and Women Categories

VET 40-44  -  Men VET 40-44  -  Women
1st:  Stephen Way 1st:  Jo Wilkinson
2nd: Andrew Mercer 2nd: Anna Folland
3rd: Pete Vale 3rd: Isobel Everest
VET 45-49  - Men
VET 45-59  -  Women
1st:  Andy Peet 1st:  Philippa Taylor
2nd: Paul Davies 2nd: Debra Wait
3rd: Andrew Henderson 3rd: Clare Fleming
VET 50-54  -  Men
VET 50-54  -  Women
1st:  Terry Back 1st:  Catherine Ferguson
2nd: Martin Lawrence 2nd: Penny Andrews
3rd: Ian Lamb 3rd: Marjorie Epson
VET 55-59  -  Men
VET 55-59  -  Women
1st:  Terry Back 1st:  Elaine O'Sullivan
2nd: Shane Hunt 2nd: Elizabeth Whittaker
3rd: Andrew Larham 3rd: Angie Bear
VET 60-64  -  Men
VET 60-64  -  Woman
1st:  Ronald Searle 1st:  Yuko Gordon
2nd: Phil Redden 2nd: Jane Walker
3rd: Gary Walker 3rd: Cheryl Trundle
VET 65-69  -  Men
VET 65-69  -  Woman
1st: Eric Shaw 1st:  Julie Braker
2nd: Kelvin Smith 2nd: Cindy Burgess
3rd: Barrie Barrett 3rd: Barbara Hurley
VET 70  -  Men
VET 70  -  Women
1st: Tony Brackstone 1st: Lavinia Seward
Teams - Men Teams - Women
1st Team   Cambridge & Coleridge 1st Team   Cambridge & Coleridge
2nd Team  Nene Valley Harriers 2nd Team  Nene Valley Harriers
3rd Team  Peterborough AC 3rd Team  Peterborough AC
Peterborough Residents Winners (Anyone who has a permanent address within Peterborough City Council's boundary)
1st Male: Steve Robinson 1st Female: Philippa Taylor
Wheelchair Race Winners
1st Male: Gary Donald 1st Female: Anne Wafula-Strike